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Our natural hardwood mulch is made from trees, logs, and brush that’s triple ground in consistency and is aged to ensure a deep rich natural color that compliments any landscape. This mulch is an excellent weed inhibitor and helps retain moisture for the root systems in your garden. Remember to layer your mulch at a depth of 2-4” for maximum benefit.






Our black dyed mulch is made from triple ground hardwood mulch, using a safe and non-toxic mulch colorant. Our black dye mulch helps with draught resistance and will add a vibrant, contrasting look to any landscape to enhance the natural beauty of your flowers and shrubs.






Our brown dyed mulch is an excellent alternative to non-dyed natural hardwood mulch. The long lasting brown color is the most natural in appearance and holds its natural brown color throughout the season. Made from triple ground hardwood mulch our brown dyed mulch will retain moisture and is safe and non-toxic.






Our red dyed mulch is color enhanced mulch made from wood fiber products and is an excellent choice to liven up any landscape as a finishing mulch. The vibrant red color is long lasting while remaining environmentally safe and non-toxic.






Our animal bedding material is produced using high quality hardwood scraps and cutoffs and is ground to a consistency of 1.5” minus. The end product has a low moisture content and is mold and mildew resistant which allows it to be utilized all year long. These product features help ensure healthier livestock which in turn can help the customer ensure greater yields.






Our erosion control / filter sock material is an aged wood mulch blend designed specifically to be pushed or blown into mesh tubing for the purpose of being placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff to control erosion by filtering silt laden water flow. 






An organic safety surface product recommended for use on playground areas where only the highest quality will suffice. Using virgin wood chips ground to specification, it is certified by the International Playground Manufacturing Association (IPEMA) and complies with ASTM International safety standards F1292 and F2075. All documentation and certifications are available upon request.



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