Mountain Mulch was founded nearly 20 years ago by Tony Bonadio. He was an early pioneer in the introduction and marketing of colored mulch in Northeastern PA. Mountain Mulch started with one retail yard in the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area and quickly expanded to 5 retail locations to meet market demand. It was soon realized that Mountain Mulch would need to change gears and enter the manufacturing side of the business in order to keep pace with the rapid demand for their products.


As Mountain Mulch continued to grow, Tony’s desire to keep the family business growing evolved. At the time his son, Jason, was a hedge fund manager on Wall Street in New York when he realized the potential of the company. Four years ago Jason decided it was time to enter the family business and join ranks with his dad.


Frontier Bulk Solutions was born soon thereafter. The vision of the company is to have counter seasonal products that complement one another while touching the same customer base. It was quickly determined that introducing rock salt into the product line would be the perfect fit, so Summit Salt was born. Summit Salt is the sister division of Mountain Mulch and imports bulk de-icing salt into Bristol, PA. Since its inception, Summit Salt has expanded their product line to packaged de-icing salt, blends, and Calcium Chloride Pellets.


The company has enjoyed tremendous growth and expansion over the past four years. In spring of 2015 corporate headquarters were relocated to Branchburg, NJ to accommodate the growing number of employees. Also, Mountain Mulch has expanded its footprint and opened two additional manufacturing facilities. Summit Salt has continued to evolve into one of the region’s premier provider of premium de-icing material. As Frontier Bulk Solutions continues to grow, they are exploring and targeting new production facilities where both mulch and salt can work together in order to service the same customer base with complimenting product lines.


As the business continues to grow, the focus has stayed the same – family first while ensuring the highest quality of products, and to always take care of their customers.

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